SOURCE: Danfoss 

What to do with a common used and well-functioning product? Keep it as it is? Or make it even better? Since we are always engineering tomorrow our engineers made a new generation of the ASV automatic balancing valves. The result? No less than eleven improvements to make your work easier!

  • 1. Simple adjustment of the differential pressure setting – No special equipment is required.
  • 2. Clearly visible setting scale makes it easy to determine if the setting is adjusted correctly.
  • 3. The valve body and pressure membrane are now combined into just one component.
  • 4. To flush and fill a system the valve can temporarily be locked in an open position by a flushing ring accessory.
  • 5. Setting ring can be locked to prevent unauthorized adaptions.
  • 6. Setting is not affected when the shutoff feature is used, this avoids unexpected changes of the set point.
  • 7. Shut-off knob can be removed for easier and faster installation.
  • 8. Spring can be exchanged under working conditions.
  • 9. Installation dimensions are decreased for flexible and convenient installation.
  • 10. EPP insulation caps can be clicked together for easy mounting and create an energy efficient solution.
  • 11. DZR brass valve cone is pressure released for the best possible performance.

The new valves are available in the size range from DN 32-50. Setting range of 20-60 kPa is also available for applications with a demand for higher differential pressure.


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