AERCO – Digital Mixing Station

The AERCO Digital Mixing Station (ADMS™) is a smart water tempering system that allows temperature controlled distribution of potable hot water throughout the loop. The lead-free1 ADMS™ regulates distribution temperature within ±2ºF in accordance to ASSE 1017 at all flow conditions (including low and zero demand periods) and its temperature setting is field configured without the use of special software and laptop.

The building automation system (BAS) ready ADMS™ can be configured with strainers, building recirculation pump and Flow/BTU monitor package to allow facilities managers to remotely monitor and control distribution water temperatures along with monitoring of flow and energy consumption. Unlike the traditional thermostatic mixing valves, it is capable of functioning under varying pressure differentials across the inlets.The ADMS when paired with an AERCO water heater provides a fully integrated and proven solution from a common manufacturer for safe and reliable hot water distribution.


If local code mandates use of a mixing valve or for storage tank or two temperature applications with AERCO water heaters, it is recommended to use ADMS™.

  • Configurable on site without special software and laptop
  • Tight temperature control of ±2ºF in accordance with ASSE 1017
  • Control ±2°F during periods of low/zero demand
  • 3.5” full-color, user-selectable touch screen display
  • User programmable high-temperature sanitization mode
  • Cold water failsafe with manual override feature to set mixed outlet temperature
  • Settings can be adjusted/monitored at the controller or remotely via BACNET or Modbus interface
  • Displays pressure, temperature and flow/BTU data
  • Pass code protected for security
  • User programmable high temperature alarm
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