Benchmark Annual Maintenance Notice


Summer is the ideal time to perform preventative maintenance on boilers. Successful preventative maintenance programs improve the performance and reliable operation of equipment, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings for our customers. Regular maintenance extends the useful lifecycle of equipment and can prevent premature failure of components and unnecessary shut downs during the heating season.

To promote the required annual maintenance, HSI Comfort offers a complete range of annual and 24-month waterside/fireside inspection kits for our entire Benchmark boiler product line.

  • The annual maintenance kits consist of the Ignitor Injector, Flame Detector, Flame Rod Gasket and condensate trap orifice and o-ring.
  • The 24-month waterside/fireside inspection kits consist of the Ignitor Injector, Flame Detector, Flame Detector Gasket and condensate trap orifice and o-ring, LWCO Assembly Kit, and gaskets/seals needed to inspect the fireside and waterside.  NOTE:  This kit already includes the components included in the annual maintenance kit – therefore, when performing the waterside/fireside inspection, you only need the 24-month waterside/fireside inspection kit, not both. BMK Thousand Series kits are offered with a new air filter or air filter cleaner.

These preventative maintenance kits promote greater customer satisfaction and can potentially lead to major equipment sales opportunities and parts orders.  We suggest keeping a supply of kits in stock at your organization to prevent unplanned maintenance activity during the heating season.

HSI Comfort is committed to providing superior post-sale support with pro-active service and training for our customers. It is critical to our brand, and our Representative’s brand, and will enable us to differentiate ourselves in this competitive market. Please ensure that all customers in your territory understand the importance of a preventative maintenance program and the value they will receive from this service.

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