Building Automation is now Niagara 4 Certified

There are many advantages to having a Niagara 4 Certified employee on your team. HSI Comfort’s Building Automation employee, John Eagle, has recently received this certification. It is an extensive process to become certified because an AX Certification is required beforehand. Without being certified, the Controls team would not able to use this new updated system.

Niagara 4 features a bold and intuitive new interface. It is modern, easy to use and the platform utilizes HTML5 to provide an array of rich features. The user experience is much simpler and more robust, giving users maximum control of their data and decisions.

The system is less reliant on browser plug-ins, therefore it is faster and easier to use. Niagara 4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the system, including advanced visualization and new search, security and navigation tools.

We believe that with the new addition of Niagara 4, our Building Automation Department will be able to tackle any project thrown their way. Contact your local sales representative if you have any questions!

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