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Start-ups of AERCO equipment must be performed by factory-certified personnel who have undergone the necessary training and have been qualified as an AERCO Trained Technician (ATT) or and AERCO Master Technician (AMT). It’s crucial to have our trained professionals perform these steps – starting a unit without the proper piping, venting or electrical systems is not only dangerous, but it may void the product warranty. A proper Start-up will also build a solid foundation for your system’s optimal performance at the very beginning which will keep it operating at its best down the road.


In order to keep your AERCO high efficiency boilers and water heaters operating at peak performance, it’s critical to conduct annual maintenance checks by a qualified service technician. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment will prevent future problems and decrease unwanted costs. We suggest performing the following:
– Check electrical service and measure voltage and current on motors; faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components
– Check and inspect the condensate drain regularly; a plugged drain can cause combustion problems
– Check system controls to ensure proper and safe operation; for instance, check the configuration settings of the C-More, ECS and BMS Systems
– Keep a log and monitor faults, hours and cycles by serial number; this history will help you with any corrections that may need to be done


We also offer the following maintenance kits and tools for your convenience in order to keep our systems operating optimally:

Maintenance Kits:
Benchmark Maintenance Kits
AM Series Contractor Kit
Modulex Maintenance Kits
KC1000 Maintenance Kits

HydroSkrub Descaler


Warranty Programs

Extended Warranty:

AERCO provides extended warranties on our major equipment: Benchmark boilers, Modulex boilers and Innovation water heaters to allow customers another opportunity to manager their ongoing costs of operations. While you receive a standard warranty as the original purchaser, our extended warranties help you project your costs and protect your business against increases in material and/or labor costs.
AERCO Extended Warranty Policy

Benchmark Extended Warranty Policy
Modulex Extended Warranty Policy

Water Heaters
Innovation Extended Warranty Policy
Recon Extended Warranty Policy


Replacement Part Warranty

Warranty for AERCO gas-fired heat exchangers/combustion, chambers/shells, when purchased as aftermarket part, shall be warrantied per the following policy.

Replacement Part Warranty Policy

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