The Masters vs Bud Light – Whose Side Are You On?

As many of you know, the Masters in Augusta, Georgia is a very prestigious event. But most of you probably don’t know that each year security is given a list of forbidden phrases. Among this year’s list are phrases like “get in the hole”, “baba booey” and the most shocking of all “Dilly, Dilly”.

“Dilly, Dilly” became a well known phrase last year thanks to Bud Light’s beer campaign, which aired during NFL and college football games, and most notably, the 2018 Super Bowl. The campaign featured medieval scenarios such as battles and grandiose banquets. During the banquets, the king and queen favored the commoners who brought them cases of Bud Light beer and banished those who didn’t to the “pit of misery”.

In retaliation to “Dilly, Dilly” being added to this year’s list of forbidden phrases, Bud Light released a letter from King John Barley IV. For your entertainment, we’ve attached his royal majesty’s declaration.

Good luck to the brave souls who dare to wear these “Dilly, Dilly” shirts at the Masters tournament this weekend, if they are even let in the gates! But HSI employees will keep our fingers crossed that there will be more declarations from King John Barley IV for those who declare war against his kingdom.

Dilly, Dilly!

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