HSI Comfort Welcomes Travis Fox to the Team!

Travis Fox began working at HSI Comfort in the beginning of April, 2017. Not only is he an essential part of the Fire Protection Department, but Travis also works hand in hand with the Building Automation Department.

Although he has 8 years of experience in the pump industry, Travis has definitely been pushed to go outside of his comfort zone. Since beginning his career at HSI, he has learned many different roles and aspects of running a business.

He has been able to further develop and promote the building automation department by attending lunch and learns with fellow employees, Robert Boozer and John Eagle.

“Lunch and learns are a great tool that allows HSI to leverage existing relationships with engineering firms,” Travis said. “This gives our company the chance to penetrate and forge new relationships with the next generation of engineers.”

As HSI grows, so does the product offering, talent pool and core competencies within the organization. This provides a great opportunity for education, where everyone gains value and insight in a more relaxed and informal environment.  

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