Managing Humidity Issues

A number of constraints can affect your space humidity. Proper ventilation, building placement, envelope, and design constraints all play a major role in the functional condition of a space. HSI Comfort has seen a rise in concerns with respect to space humidity and as a result, we felt it important to point out some of the many issues that are both within and outside of our control as industry experts. The design may be adequate, the install successful, and yet we may still see issues. Where does the moisture come from, and how do we remove it… These are probably the two most important concerns when managing humidity issues.

For relative humidity to increase in the space, we either need to release it (i.e. a steam generation, high occupant load, any large latent source) or bring it in (i.e. unconditioned outdoor air). Fortunately, both of these are controllable inputs. We can manage outdoor airflow and account for latent load in the space. Typically, these are common considerations, but there are other conditions too (see infiltration and intrusion). There are few indoor spaces where humidity control is as problematic as it is in operating rooms. The design considerations we make here can be applied to almost any space to encourage the best possible humidity control for any work area. With all the questions we have received lately, this seems like a great opportunity to share the below article and encourage all our customers to become more familiar with these issues.

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