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When a chiller is mission-critical, the emergency replacement sale goes to the contractor that can get the right unit there quickly. With the Quantech chiller inventory at your back, you can have an efficient, reliable chiller – with the features your customer wants – on site in one to three business days.

Recently, HSI’s Daniel Mason had the opportunity to provide a stock chiller to St. Thomas More University Parish and Student Center located in Norman, OK. PROBLEM, “I Need a Chiller NOW!” SOLUTION, The replacement chiller arrived at the site in two days! The installing contractor, Air Technologies replaced the old chiller with a new, dependable and energy efficient Quantech model QTC2045 air-cooled chiller. The Owner and Contractor stated they were very pleased with the price point of a stock chiller.

Quantech has a certified contractor program that is unique to the industry. It allows contractors to easily get factory certified to perform their own start-up instead of being forced to pay the manufactures’ service department. This will save not only money, but also time. This is a huge advantage, especially in emergency replacement situations where time is critical and the customer can’t wait for cooling.

Because the Quantech units are in stock and available to ship in 24 hours, it makes more sense to directly replace a broken chiller with a permanent solution instead of contending with an expensive rental chiller as the made to order unit is being produced.

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