Project: Oklahoma State University Central Plant

Oklahoma State University is building a new Central Plant across the street from the old Central Plant on Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It will be replacing the Old Central Plant, which will be torn down after the new plant is finished. Hydronic Systems Inc. contributed four Taco 4900 Series Hi-Velocity Air/Dirt Separator to this project. There are two different sizes of separators. One separator is 19 feet tall and the other three are 13 feet tall.

The 4900 Series scrubber system is designed and constructed to ASME code, with technology proven in the field, around the world. When air and dirt are trapped in the system, it can produce major problems including heat transfer, loss of efficiency, pipe corrosion, pump damage, increased energy consumption and irritating noise. The highly efficient Taco 4900 Series separator, now with optional removable covers, clears the system of microbubbles, sand, dirt and rust to save money, energy and component wear.

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