Using modern polymer solutions, REHAU has perfected the application of first-century discoveries to twenty-first-century homes and buildings. They have taken the premise of this relatively simple technology and developed a modern system that circulates warm water through a network of polymer pipes placed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heat gently radiates to warm surfaces, objects and air in the room, creating a comfortable environment.

The REHAU Radiant Calculator has been designed to provide contractors and wholesalers with a quick material estimate for different types of radiant heating installation methods.

This calculator was intended to be used by experts who are familiar with pump sizing, boilers, controls and manifolds.  It will estimate the requirements for REHAU radiant floor heating pipe and installation materials based on simple heated area inputs.

By offering features that are intuitive and an easy-to-use interface customers can now have answers in less than a minute using a smartphone.

To use the app, simply select the installation method and enter data for a quick material estimate.

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