Taco is pleased to introduce the new Combi-Valve, a backflow preventer with atmospheric vent and Integral Pressure Reducing Boiler Feed Valve.

The Combi-Valve is a one-piece body that includes both a cartridge style boiler feed valve and a cartridge style backflow preventer. The Combi-Valve is intended for use in residential and light commercial boiler installations to reduce and maintain a preset pressure and to protect against a low hazard backflow at the boiler feed location.

The Combi-Valve is listed to a new ASSE standard (1081-2014). This standard addresses an integral feed valve and atmospheric vent style backflow preventer. This will be different than the competitive product that is currently available. Those products, which consist of an independent feed valve and an independent backflow screwed together and sold as a combination unit, carry 2 different listing one for the feed valve (ASSE 1003-2009) and one for the backflow (ASSE 1012-2009).

Taco’s new combination valve is suitable for use in boiler applications requiring an ASSE 1003 or ASSE 1012 valve.

The Combi-Valve is available with a standard 4-week lead time.

Models Available

3450-1 3/4″ NPT x 3/4″ Union NPT
3450-T1 3/4″ NPT x 3/4″ Union Sweat

The combination catalog/submittal sheet and instruction manuals are available for download on the Taco website.

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