In this milestone episode of Taco’s Building Green Comfort, eco-friendly homeowner/builder Dave Sweet and his wife, Debbie, meet with Point One Architects for a first look at detailed plans of what their eco-friendly home will look like.

This first look at this preview of their new home is a big day for Dave and Debbie. Architects Rick Staub and Greg Echtman present a computerized site map, elevation drawing and 3-D renderings to show the precise positioning of the house, patio, pool and entry drive, plus details of construction, including the location and appearance of the solar energy array on the south-facing roof.

Finally, after months of planning and consultation they’ll have a clear idea of what their home will look like. Join Dave, Debbie and the architects for a first-hand look at their eco-friendly home.

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We add bonus content to the GreenComfortHome blog between our regular new episode posts. These include questions for you, and answers from site visitors, interviews with various experts involved in eco-friendly homebuilding, and more.

Catch up on what you might have missed today. And as always, share your thoughts, questions and opinions with us.

Episode 1 – Series Overview

Eco-friendly home owner/builder Dave Sweet is building an environmentally-friendly home from the ground up. In this episode, Dave introduces us to the series and shows us the land where his new home will be built.


Episode 2 –┬áThe Lay of the Land

Eco-friendly home owner/builder Dave Sweet shows us some interesting characteristics of the land where he will build an environmentally friendly home and discusses some upcoming challenges that he will have to deal with before he can put a foundation in the ground.


Episode 3 – Meet the Architect

Eco-friendly home builder Dave Sweet and his wife Debbie visit Rick Staub of Point One Architects to discuss plans and concerns about the construction of his new eco-friendly home.


Episode 4 – Renewable Comfort

Eco-friendly owner/builder Dave Sweet explains some of the more important terminology used in the series and talks about the importance of using knowledgeable experts to enhance the quality of a project.


Episode 5 – Financial Incentives

In this episode, eco-friendly owner/builder Dave Sweet meets with Jennifer Parsons of the Connecticut Green Building Council to talk about what kind of resources and financial incentives are available to eco-friendly home builders.


Episode 6 – The House Revealed

In this milestone episode, eco-friendly owner/builder Dave Sweet and his wife meet with Point One Architects for a first look at detailed plans for what their new home will look like.

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