Taco Stands Behind LoadMatch System with Guarantee

As the Green Building movement gathers momentum, design engineers, builders and owners alike are closely examining the materials, systems and technologies recommended and used to meet the challenges of achieving balance between comfort, conservation, replenishment, safety and cost. Taco has such great confidence in its LoadMatch System that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a guarantee.

LoadMatch is Taco’s advanced Green hydronic heating and cooling system for commercial and industrial applications.  A proven LEED winner, the single pipe technology delivers better comfort; lower first cost; lower energy and maintenance cost, and lower life cycle cost.  Advanced LoadMatch single pipe hydronic systems require less raw materials for construction by virtue of a reduction in pipe, fittings insulation, control valves and balancing valves.  To move BTU’s around a building, hydronic systems require about half the energy of a comparable air system, because water has a higher specific heat and higher density than air.

LoadMatch System for Green Building Design

Taco’s guarantee shares the risk of liability for the LoadMatch System by extending the standard product warranty to include the performance of the system.  Taco will guarantee system operation for one full heating season and one full cooling season to the extent that the HVAC system will deliver the heating and cooling capacities as specified. The value of the guarantee shall be equal to the value of retrofitting the system to a two-pipe system.  Taco also will provide a written letter of guarantee certifying the performance of the entire system that includes but is not limited to terminal unit performance.

Loadmatch Taco Guarantee

For more information about Taco’s LoadMatch System contact Hydronic Systems at 405.528.7867 in Oklahoma City, 918.382.6978 in Tulsa or 479-310-5404 in Arkansas or CLICK HERE for brochures.

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