There are numerous reasons why water and steam coils can have major freeze events. The damage is often extensive enough to require a coil replacement. The following reviews some of the major freeze event causes.

  • Coils not drained properly when winterized – This problem may be out of your control. Many chilled water coil circuits and placement of drains makes it impossible to fully drain the coil. Also some manufacturers design uphill coil circuitry that prevent full drainage.
  • Steam coil selection and the system design prevent condensate from being removed – These problems include lack of installed vacuum breakers, improper sizing and location of traps and inadequate coil tube sizes and pitch. A steam coil in operation can have a freeze event if the condensate removal is inadequate.
  • Air stratification across the face of the coil – Air stratification can occur when preheat coils are located very close to an outside air damper or louver. High wind, along with just a minor mechanical breakdown, can create a rapid freeze event.
  • Mechanical Breakdown(s) – Breakdowns can be as simple as a valve malfunction, an inoperable pump, and/or a variety of freeze stat problems. Any or all of these can create a freeze event in a matter of minutes.
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  1. Why is the damage often located at the back end of a return bend?
  2. Why is the damage sometimes located on the tubes and not on the return bend?
  3. How is damage prevented by the USA Coil & Air Sentry Guard™ Coil design?


USA Coil


USA Coil & Air has developed a patented coil series known as Sentry Guard™. They can’t prevent the actual freeze event, but they can prevent the damage to the coil from that event.


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USA Coil & Air has been building the Sentry Guard™ for over 18 years. Their knowledge and experience provides you with a product that works and they guarantee it!



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SOURCE: USA Coil & Air

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