Winter Heat Trace Solutions: An ounce of prevention vs a ton of headaches

Winter Heat Trace Solutions

While Oklahoma is not known for record breaking snowfall, its brutal freezing rain is legendary for wreaking havoc on people and businesses. Once sidewalks, stairs, entryways and parking ramps turn to ice in a storm, shovels and salt are ill-equipped to prevent slip-and-falls. Freezing weather also affects essential operating and safety functions when piped liquids aren’t maintained at the proper temperature.
That’s why many commercial and industrial operations mitigate liability with a pre-emptive snow and ice strategy: install Electrical Snow Melting and Pipe Freeze Prevention systems.

Snow Melt

Mineral-insulated (M.I.) snow melt cables can be embedded in concrete, asphalt or sand under pavers to keep walkways, metal pan stairs, bridge decks, hangar door rails, parking ramps, and helipads free of ice and snow. Electric Snow Melt systems:
• are 100% efficient, operating only when snow or freezing rain are present
• are fire- and corrosion-resistant
• reduce liability by maintaining safe walkways
• protect the lifespan of flooring, walkways and thresholds by eliminating salt
• are virtually maintenance -free

Pipe Freeze Protection

Electric pipe tracing maintains temperature for liquids passing through pipe in manufacturing, fossil fuel plants, refineries, chemical manufacturers, wastewater treatment plants and large data centers that rely on outdoor cooling towers. It also keeps non-flowing safety water reserves at ideal temperature for nuclear power plants. Pipe Freeze Protection:

• prevents costly downtime caused by cold weather
• maintains continuity of essential operations
• accommodates unique applications/locations
• withstands hazardous locations and extreme temps
• is easy to maintain

Electrical Snow Melting and Pipe Freeze Prevention systems are an efficient, cost-effective way to provide a safe environment and continuous operation even in an Oklahoma ice storm.

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Delta-Therm is a leading innovator of heat trace solutions. The first manufacturer with a UL Listing for snow melting products in 1970, the company also engineers and assembles heat trace systems for roof deicing, process temperature management, permafrost prevention, and floor warming in Crystal Lake, IL.

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